Mark Galli, the editor of Christianity Today, started a firestorm with a recent article suggesting that Christians that support Donald Trump must question their faith. The gist of his thesis is that Donald Trump’s moral failings should not be endorsed by Christians and a vote for Trump is essentially an endorsement equating to breaking the law of God.

Now, this past week alone, I’ve read several great articles that rebut this line of thinking and so I’m not going to write a long post with scriptures and quotes from sources citing the multiple and flagrant failings on the other side of the political aisle. Common sense would dictate that Galli’s article is full of folly since it does not mention the moral issues of the democratic presidential candidates running for 2020. To cast a stone at Trump without giving serious treatment to the serious ungodly positions of the liberals is paramount to the Pharisees getting ready to stone the woman in the New Testament in which Jesus states, “whoever is without sin, let him cast the first stone”.

So instead, I’m going to relate the problem from more of a 30,000 foot level.

Discerning Christians need to be aware that radical leftist thinking has invaded the institution of organized Church. This invasion is not new. It’s been progressing (progressives…lol) for many years. What it’s resulting in is a REAL loss of the Gospel, not the “fake news” crying of people like Galli and Christianity Today. Just the fact that the leadership of Christianity Today, in response to the backlash regarding Galli’s editorial, has stated they will be inviting people of various viewpoints to write subsequent articles in their upcoming publications makes a glaring admission…their publication has been a mouthpiece for the progressive left movement for quite a while. And for many Christians who are unaware and unread on this movement within Christianity, you need to be aware that faithful Christians have left behind Christianity Today ages ago because they do not follow biblical mandates from the Word of God.

In fact, all that Christianity Today and publications like it support, is the continual watering down of the Gospel and the Church. And behind this effort is a sinister agenda. It’s an agenda that ultimately supports abolishment of human freedoms, the destruction of the family unit, and the targeting and persecution of Christians under the guise that if you don’t support the liberal agenda, you can’t be a Christian.

This is utter folly like I said before. So don’t be fooled Christians and certainly don’t let unbiblical hit pieces cause division in the Church. Christians don’t vote for a Presidential candidate because of the person they are, but because of the policies they promise and execute. In that area, I don’t frankly know how Galli and his cohorts would justify not voting for Donald Trump. His effort to protect the unborn, create equal opportunity and justice for minorities, and protect the religious freedoms of American citizens definitely fall in line with Christian ethics more than any of the Democratic front runners.

Remember, the last institution that always needs conquering by radical humanists/socialists is the Church. Why? Because it stands in the way of their agenda of disposing of Christianity altogether.


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